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Smoke Eater

from by Generator Ohm



A first Chen/D'Amaso composition


Yellow as you are
Take my pulse and gait
Gather the fey
Lying away, he yawns

And that's not entirely true
Having have heeded half proofs
A tail to match against the queue
And that's not entirely true

I got a promotion, and a pay raise
And I was just hired
Beg me to take a vacay
Say, I could use it
And it's all carte blanche
(warning, warning)
Warn me of the signs
I still subscribe to apophenia

(warning, warning..)
A head full of medical fears
Aging blues blew away the steers
A pissed in drowning pool
Of nomadic fancy drool

Hoverboards were used in the Army
Terra Firma's French for some coffee
Fish eyes and Math won't dance at the party
Rock and titles stay in the 90's
Complex is strong; the network is on me
I'd fuck it up, no one dares to stop me
In time it bends, a rhyme that mends
The never is an always, or at least partly
A rhyme that bends, in time it mends
The always never is, some absolutely

We gad about a tar bled sea
Lying in wait of Eve
Half-way to being full of it
And that's not entirely true

Bat shit liar!


from Upon the Me Om I, track released May 15, 2012
Written by
Willie Chen and Ernest G. D'Amaso

Performed by
Ernest G. D'Amaso - vocals/bass
Willie Chen - vocals/ guitar
Michael R. Morales - drums



all rights reserved


Generator Ohm New York

Generator Ohm is a quartet for rock and roll. Big on guitars. Friend of the low end. And we never miss a beat. Got them all.

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